Saturday, February 23, 2013

NEW @ ORL // 15 New Graphic Tights





{Click on the image to make it larger!}

G R A P H I C . t  i  g  h  t  s
cause this is way more fun the plain ol' jeans

Ladies, it's time to dress up the bottoms. That's right, the beautiful, fun and crazy graphic tights are here for you to go CRAZY with! :) I love tights, they are comfortable, Cheaper then pants, and they are DEFIANTLY styling! Only for 75 lindens, ladies enjoy these sexy thangs!

SEND ME PICTURES! I would love to see your styles!!

XoXo -- Lexxii BITCH

Friday, February 22, 2013

NEW @ ORL // Romp Around Rompers!




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Prepare for the new 2013 Trend , just in time for Spring / Summer!

Last year, Rompers stole the scene ; and now it's time to bring it back with new sassy colors and patterns! :) So, I present to you the Romp Around Rompers! Yay! I love them, so cute, and you can put so many outfits together with them its gonna be a blast to add to your collection of hotness.

The outfit is only 99 L$
Includes: Alpha, L, M, S, XS, and XXS

:D They are in the back to the right next to the cardigans and the boobie peeks!

Lexxii Le Lethal~ xoxo

Saturday, February 16, 2013

the Bloggers Lounge ; Spring 2013

The Bloggers Lounge ;  Spring 2013 

This is something very special that I have created along side the Color Pop clothing line that I made for my blogger friends. I know how hard it is to find nice places and what not to take photos, so I created a room solely for that purpose. It is free to use for ANYONE, and will be opening shortly. Please be sure to be respectful of each other when using my lounge, and to  not interfere with each other during your photo session. Violators will be tickled to death, then sentenced to banning of the region (yah, no more Depraved Nation for you! So don't be an ass) It will be changing with the season, so in the summer expect a beach house! <3

Dedicated to my bloggers <3

XoXo - Lexxii 


Introducing ; Color Pop! the Exclusive 2013 Spring Collection

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am excited to announce the 2013 Spring Collection; Color Pop! Is almost here! I have been working on this project along side of Whore Couture line, so please be patient with me! <3

This outfit is a Pre-Release (just a taste) of the fun, colorful, line of spring clothes that will be available til the end of Spring! The outfit is called Floral Embrace, and to celebrate this exciting new line, this outfit includes: the top, the bra, the skirt, the leggings, AND THE BOOTS only for 213 $L!


Enjoy , enjoy , enjoy! 
XoXo ~ Lexxii

Saturday, February 9, 2013

NEW @ ORL // Outrage Reloaded ++ Sah Hipster and Shapes

OUTRAGE + Sah Hipster and Shapes = Beautiful Fashion

So, I love doing Collab's with other designers, like almost as much as I love designing by myself! So, Happy day when my friend Jayden agreed to design with me, and might I add we make sweet, sweet fashion.

Presenting: Sah Hipster Rage Outfit
Includes: Top, Skirt, Belt, and City Scene Tights

What I'm Wearing:
Bow: Big Bow Headband by .::Y&R::. 
Necklace: Voodoo Rocker by MG
Rings and Bracelets: Prelude by .:WTG:.
Boots: Scorpion by Pink Acid

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

K A R M A L O O P . // A RL Coupon for U!


I know, a post that''s not about SL Stuff? Right? Well, here's a refreshing break for now. This website is my FAVORITE, and I recently got a job there soooo, I got a REP code and I get to share it with all my friends, so read the poster and grab my REP code so you can get 20% off your first purchase! :-)
and then I won't leave you hanging, cause my code is good for 10% off every purchase thereafter!!


Friday, February 1, 2013

The Beginning of V a l e n t i n e s .

H a p p y . V a l e n t i n e s . D A Y

So, that love day is coming up pretty fast huh? So, to help you with your sexy ass I have created a couple (others aren't released yet) valentines outfits to rock out this loving season! :) On MP and in the store...OH the best part is that the price is 69 lindens! LOL cause, you know...69 ;)

SO! Happy-Soon-To-Be-Valentines :)

( P.S. New Cross earrings :D YAY! )